2013 – Scotland

The 5K for £5K Challenge

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During the summer of 2012 I was the Manager of the Inveraray Youth Hostel. Inveraray is about an hour’s drive from Glasgow and lies on the shores of Loch Fyne. It’s a beautiful location with easy access to the Kintyre peninsula in the south and Oban and the west coast in the north. With so many visitors coming and going, it reminded me of just how much wonderful scenery is right on my own doorstep and made me want to go and explore everything Scotland has to offer.

Inveraray is a mecca for motorcyclists all year round, but especially during the milder summer months, with its car parks teaming with riders from all over the world.

One day, the town came to a stand-still because there had been an accident on one of the approach roads. A motorcyclist and his pillion had been involved in an accident with two cars. It turned out to be a husband and wife. The wife was killed instantly and the husband seriously injured. A few days later I drove past the spot where the accident had happened and there was a wreath forming the word “MUM”. I didn’t know anything about the couple involved, but this told me they had children. I was really affected by this – not only had someone been killed, but a family had just been torn apart. That’s why, this year, I’m going to ride my bike around Scotland to try and raise money for the BMCRC Benevolent Fund which helps fallen riders and their families in cases of need.

The aim is to cover 5,000 km and to raise £5,000 (my “5K for £5K Challenge”) – you can follow my progress via the links below: